Monday, 28 March 2011

Rosie Rides again, well nearly and Agnes gets a new beating heart. It is the Curious Engineering special edition!

Not much writing this time, but got some photos for you all to digest.

Carol's old GTR1000 has been looking very sorry for itself for a long time now, taken off the road before I even met Carol, it has been sat languishing firstly in Ruth's front garden and then our garage. Then finally, we find the time to make a start.

Breaking things is the easy bit, breaking them so that they still work is harder!

We took the fairing off of poor Rosie and are pretty much decided that we are going to rebuild her as a naked muscle bike. 

Carol and Rosie, an old friendship rekindled.
We still want to keep her boxes and may even add a top box to her already ample frame, but the big heavy and damaged fairing is now gone and who knows what front end we will replace it with. We do have new forks, a new shock and some new bits to fit, but mostly it is going to be a case of cleaning and sorting what we already have. 

The Future is bright, the future is Rosie.

One day when I grow up, I am going to ride a thousand!

It is the girls hanging out on the street again.

In other news, Agnes has a new engine after the 400cc lump expired on the motorway. 

Something got broken

A new excuse, the engine fell out Officer!
It was all very sad, but it does mean that the new lump that she now has is much more reliable and seems to start at the first push of the button.

Jayne taking the job seriously.
Yes, the second hand engine had two seized and broken exhaust studs, so it required the combined efforts of Carol and Jayne together to fix them all. Every stud was taken out and replaced with a new stainless one. Each stud was cut to length by hand... You have no idea just how dull that was!

Dirty engines shall be stripped and cleaned!

With the new lump in, it was time to have a nice bath, well nearly, it was time to tidy up the garage. Are you allowed to put old engines out for the rubbish?

Well done Carol, one nicely fitted engine! Jayne helped a little bit...

One last check then...

Then it is out to play.

It is nice to see the girls running together again.

There is never a dull moment when you are having curious adventures...