Friday, 26 April 2013

What do you have to do to get five years?

You have to be some pretty nasty things to warrant serving five years in prison, yet my Darling Carol has just served five years with me! This week we celebrated five years of our glorious and somewhat curious adventures together. Five years... In five years you can fly to another planet in our solar system, you can breed lots of cats and in prison you can be raped one thousand, eight hundred and twenty five times! In five years you can eat five thousand four hundred seventy five meals, you can also expect to go for a dump at least two hundred and sixty times (that is once a week for those of you who are trying to work out why so little!). Five years is sixty monthly pay packets.

Five years is how long Carol and I have shared our lives together, had many adventures and shared many kisses. They have been five of the happiest years I have ever had, not bad for some one who is very nearly thirty ten! (I refuse to admit that I am forty this year, because forty is old and I am not old, I still crave lego!)

I was working on my precious motorcycle today, changing oil, filters and plugs when it occurred to me that I was lonely as I worked alone on the garage, away from Carol. Funny how the little tasks that we often do together are so much less fun when we do them on our own.

So after five happy years, I am sat here hoping for another five happy years and then ten more happy years after that.

Our secret for happiness though is simple. Always remember that as a couple you are not stuck together, you choose to be together. Occasionally sit back and look at your partner and see why you love them as they interact with other people in the pub. But most importantly of all, never make them a prisoner, always set them free. A person who is free will stay where they wish to be and love who they wish to love.

Bye bye for now folks, I have a wifey to cuddle.

Even in fancy dress, she still looks fab.