Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MCE Motorcycle Insurance, Lying cheating scumbags!

So any of you out there in Internet land ride bikes on the public Highway?

Any of you do so safe and secure in the knowledge that your motorcycle Insurance Policy is up to date?

Well if you are insured with MCE Insurance, think again.

It is my view that MCE are Corrupt, lying, dishonest and incompetent!

Let me lay a nice story for you, starting last spring when my old insurance policy came to an end. Carol and I decided that we wanted to ride together on our bikes, after all this is the first summer of us both being able to ride long journeys on big bikes. Rosie the GTR is slowly being rebuilt and it is still our aim to make her road worthy. However when we took the policy out, it was our aim to get both bikes on the road and riding in time for the Bull Dog Bash in August.

So away we go and get checking, sure enough the joys of the internet bring us the prices for two bikes with two riders. Three hundred pounds for us both, fully comprehensive. Then we get a phone call from MCE and they offer us a slightly cheaper deal. Thinking I had struck lucky, I spoke to Carol and we agreed to go for it. From there on it went down hill rapidly.

It is my view that MCE are Corrupt, lying, dishonest and incompetent!

The Policy for Both Carol and I to ride our bikes does not exist. The Sales woman who sold it to us lied through her filthy lying teeth, to make us buy it.

I stated very clearly that the insurance I required was for both Carol and myself, to cover us on our motorcycles. When the document arrived it was not even close in it’s cover from to that of the policy that I purchased from the MCE Sales Woman. I phoned MCE to complain and was told that a policy I described could not exist. The Team at MCE were extremely unhelpful and were rude to me on the telephone, stating that I had not asked for the cover I was now rudely demanding. I was finally put through to a manager and my policy was changed, but I was charged for this change because they claimed that I had not told them that I wanted cover for me to ride my bike!

I made a formal complaint to MCE because I did not feel that it was right for me to be charged and because due to their incompetence I had unwittingly ridden my motorcycle with out insurance, which is a Criminal Offence. MCE never replied to my Complaint. Their only comment was to ask me if I had had an accident. When I said no, they said not to worry about it then! There is a reason for this and that reason is

It is my view that MCE are Corrupt, lying, dishonest and incompetent!

Eight weeks later Noreen the Kawasaki ZRX1100 arrived in the stable. The Gentleman that I spoke to at MCE informed me that there was no record of me making a complaint against MCE and he flagged it up for his supervisor to investigate. I heard nothing from them for a week.

My New Insurance Document arrived and the motorcycles now present on the Insurance cover were the Sylvie and Noreen. However one of the riders had been removed from the cover slip. This rider was me and once again, I had been riding my motorcycle with out Insurance thanks to MCE making serious errors despite my very best efforts to comply with highway use. This time they did not even bother to talk to me and just said that MCE do not have such a policy. This would be because

It is my view that MCE are Corrupt, lying, dishonest and incompetent!

I once again phoned MCE and was spoken to again rather rudely and informed that it was impossible that I could have been insured because MCE do not offer multi rider policies. I had in my hand at that time my previous policy that showed the GTR1000 and the SV650S insured for two riders, Carol Sexy Bum and Jayne Grumpy Bitch. The Assistant told me that there was no one who could help me at that time and informed me that a Manager would phone me back.

I called back ten minutes later and spoke this time to a gentleman called Trevor Murphy. I explained that I was extremely unhappy with MCE and that I wished to cancel my Policy that I had been mis-sold in April and that I wanted a full refund from MCE for failure to provide what they had contractually agreed to. Mr Murphy informed me that he was unable to comply with my request and told me that all he could do was charge me a large sum to cancel my policy. He assured me that he would personally pass the case onto his manager the following day and that I would receive a phone call from them.

My complaints started on the first working day of May and have not been resolved. MCE do not uphold their promise to call back and they charge for a long wait on the telephone. Their customer service is appalling and they have lied to me several times about the service they offer. When I have requested the policy be cancelled, they have argued and have been dishonest. This is because

It is my view that MCE are Corrupt, lying, dishonest and incompetent!

From the very beginning all I have wanted to do is insure my motorcycles so that my Darling Carol and I can ride our bikes together, I can commute to work and together we can enjoy our hobby. MCE have prevented this from happening and have been nothing but unhelpful and dishonest. You know why that is though, maybe something to do with this…

It is my view that MCE are Corrupt, lying, dishonest and incompetent!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Meet Noreen, the ZRX1100.

With the sad passing of Carol's Gran, Noreen, we named a bike after her so that we will always remember her. This is a video blog of our day out to collect Noreen, the Kawasaki ZRX1100.

Sorry about the bad jokes and poo comments! Also, if you know that cats can swim, do please leave a comment below. Actually, why not leave us a comment anyway? Love from us XXX