Saturday, 14 August 2010

Training Wheels

Since passing my tests in April, my trusty rusty CG125 has pretty much sat in the garage, getting in the way and doing nothing. It has tax and MOT until January 2011 and has been a fun and faithful bike. He has seen better days paint wise, but he has had some work done on him to keep him on the road, such as fork seals, regular oil changes, wheels serviced and even a strip down and clean. £300 would get him out of my way and into the capable hands of a budding new Biker.

It has taken several days to decide to do this to Henry, he has been a friend and a companion to me since starting my motorcycling career and it has not been an easy decision to make, he is after all one of the family. But some times a person has to make a harsh decision, after all, he is not a living thing and he is somewhat battered. 

But what of my plans to chop him I hear you ask? Well, they are on hold for the seed of an idea that is currently in my head. I want a winter hack bike, a cute little 250 or 400 twin that I can ride in the filthy weather, not worry about dropping and be easy and cheap to run. 

So keep you eyes peeled for a nice old Kwak or Honda for me. As for Sylvie, she will soon be getting the much needed bar conversion that she needs to be a fast and comfortable sports bike. Her days as a standard bike are coming to an end and her future as a kick arse streetfighter is almost upon us.

We will keep you posted!