Saturday, 13 November 2010

Our new jobs

I have a new job, or rather two new jobs and Carol has a new job too. Interested? Well, let me start a with a fade out to a few months ago, you will have to spin your own monitor because I am not good enough with these blog things to create a whirling spiral effect for a flash back!

So I am chatting to the jolly nice chap known as Mucka on Total Biker FM and happen to mention that I am a bit keen on the whole Black metal thing and with in a few minutes I had managed to talk myself into presenting a radio show. I have never had any aspirations to be famous or do anything in the media before (Blogs don't count, after all these things are just me telling stories to some friends) so presenting a Radio show is a bit of a new thing for me.

So I prepared a play list, filled it with the hardest nastiest stuff I have and hit the button to present to the world for the first time, which crashes everything! Even the iron in the kitchen stopped working, the crash was so big.

Once we got it all working again and finally got on air, we discovered that the crash had wiped out the microphone and Carol battled to make it work, but with failing technology, continuing to play was only going to have one outcome and once again the machine crashed. Show one was a disaster. Mucka was very polite and managed not to be too cross about us ruining his weekend plans.

The following Sunday I was once again ready to go, the faulty soundcard had been removed, the microphone was plugged in and everything worked. The countdown began, one minute and I started to shake with fear. Forty five seconds and I needed the toilet badly. Thirty seconds and I was about to soil myself. Twenty seconds, ten seconds and then I hit play. My music blasted forth and all across the world, yes the whole world, people could tune in and listen to Aunty Jayne and her favourite black metal. My voice clearly rang out just how nervous I was and I struggled to cope with fame! I had a chatroom to run and I was talking to people around the world who were listening to my show... My bowels felt like they were filled with water balloons and one had popped!

It took me a little while to settle in, I made a mistake or two, my songs played and people told me that my choices were amazing. I began to calm down and actually enjoy what I was doing. The amazing thing is that I I can honestly report that I love my radio show, it gives me something that my other job does not and my other job is just awesome. So that folks is how I ended up working for Total Biker FM.

Total Biker FM, great music and great fun on line

Now as you may already know, my Darling other half Carol is something of an old hand at the fame and show biz thing, being the drummer with the rock band Oestrogenix. She also likes an eclectic mix of music and while listening to me and giving me the encouragement to do a good job, she starts to think that she can put a great show together and with her idea burning in her mind she has a chat with the bosses partner in the station, Stacey. Now Stacey and Carol have a right old chinwag and Carol pitches her the idea of her show. To which Stacey gives a great big go ahead.

Carol's first show takes her a weekend of planning and even some recording of old vinyl records onto MP3 format, she also makes up some clips and before you can shout obscenities at the Pope, Carol is ready to speak to the world. Her first show goes out to great success and we get a report back that the boss is well pleased with the format.

Look Mum, I am talking to the world!

So this leaves us six hours of broadcasting from our flat on a Sunday afternoon, both of us love our new jobs with the Radio station and I also love my new job with United Response, but I wont tell you about that because frankly any job that can make you come home and e-mail your boss thanking her for a great day at work is just too nice to share!