Saturday, 1 January 2011

Rogue Trooper and Princess Fiona go to a party

The Stripogram arrived!
So here we are, it is the first of January 2011 and for some strange reason I do not feel well! My memories of the night before seem to continue until six in the morning and waking up was an experience akin to torture.

Last night was the New Year Party at Scally's Pub in Weston Super Mare and we had far too much fun for it to fit into one night, bits of me ache in a similar fashion to the day after a serious sporting event, I am not able to speak yet and rising from my sick bed feels like a damn foolish idea! You can safely say that we had a great time.

So how did it all start I hear you ask? Well, I was on nights when Carol phoned me and said that it was to be Fancy Dress at the Scally's party, so we spent an hour talking about what we could wear, various ideas were passed around on the theme of Cartoon and Comic Book Characters and finally I went to bed, to shiver until five AM when the house was finally warm enough to sleep in. Two hours later I got up, sorted the work I had to do and was ready to meet Carol at nine when she would collect me and go costume shopping. Both of us had had long sleepless nights, Carol was running with cold and was very poorly, also her foot was so painful she could not walk with out a limp. 

We parked up outside the costume shop and wandered in, We needed Blue and Green face paint and some small accessories, namely ears for Carol and guns for me. Sadly no one in Weston sells ears for Princess Fiona, so Carol decided that she needed two wooden spoons and an Alice band! I was not convinced, I was however very wrong!

Princess Fiona Looking beautiful
The process of painting ones self is a strange one, despite being used to wearing make up, the actual process of applying what feels like poster paint to the skin is rather odd. This is not something I would want to do every day. So I took my blue face paint and my cup of water and gently began to paint my face blue, at the same time Carol started to paint her face green, the transformation in the mirror was really odd. I used black around my eyes and painted the blue up to it. My nails were blue with polish and my lips were done with my black lippy, this felt very strange.

Ready to go

Looking hot!
The make up did not stop with my face, it had to do my shoulders and arms too, have you ever tried to paint your own back though? It is rather hard work! So once painted and dry, it was time for the toys and my old climbing helmet was quickly disguised and given a Bio Chip, as was the gun. Carol fitted her ears and we got ready to leave, Carol's Mum picked us up in the car and drove us to the pub. It was going to be a strange night!

Turning up, we gave our tickets to Monty and made our way to the usual corner, it may have been covered with a tent, but it was still our usual table. Paul was sat in attendance and we soon sat down, the looks of puzzlement aimed at the pair of us. People quickly guessed who Carol was, for me though it seemed that I had confused people. Paul asked me if I was Army Smurf?

Then big manly Steve arrived, he looked at Carol and I and gently shook his head. He knew Carol from the outset and and then turning to me, he smiled. "Rogue Trooper". 

A while later Clare saw us, she too knew who I was. So far only two people knew who Rogue Trooper was. Then Steve thought that some face painting was an idea for the night.

Big Manly Steve
Sat in the back of his van, hiding from the cold, I painted up Steve's face in green chequers.

After a while the drink had flowed and a chap and his wife decided that he wanted his picture taken with Carol and I, so he sat down and we posed, I even gave him one of my toy guns to play with. Then when the picture was taken, Steve suggested some more face painting, or in this case, head painting. 

"Going anywhere nice for your holidays in the new year?"

Then came Wing Nut
Another victim of the green paint!

Bring me Beer!
The countdown for midnight soon came about and Carol and I made our way to the inside of the pub to join in with the chant.

"Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... Oneeeee! Happy New Year!"

It was now 2011.

We still kept chatting and having fun, Carol caught up with friends old and new, I met new folks and made new friends. We got chatting to bikers from various clubs and spent the occasional few minutes stood huddled in front of the gas heater. 2011 was getting off to a good start. 

The walk home came just after half past three in the morning and once back home came the next stage of the torture, washing the paint off. Carol's green came off easily with just the water from the shower, my blue required some extra work, three types of soap and an ex-foliating sponge! My skin was rubbed raw, but the hot water was bliss on my cold body. Finally to bed and while we waited for our hair to dry, the new year started around us. 

We would like to say a big thank you to Dawn and Kev, of Scally's in Weston Super Mare, for putting on a great party. If you want somewhere to go with your bike, then check them out, the beer is good and the food is served fresh, but best of all, you can sit with your bike!

Happy 2011 folks.