Sunday, 10 April 2011

It's a crazy Rosie Update!

Yes folks, we have been hard at it once again in an mad effort to get the bikes up and running for the summer and we have so much work to do.

The first bit of good news is that Rosie runs! Carol turned the key, hit the starter and the engine refused the catch, the full petrol can sat just out of eye shot, but for some reason the GTR engine would not fire. We tried for ages and the petrol can, freshly filled that morning still sat untouched in the gloom of the garage, while we scratched our heads. Then the light came on.

So after we had transfered the fuel from the can into Rosie's Tank, she coughed and spluttered in to life. She ran and in doing so shot most of her exhaust baffles out onto the concrete behind her. Oh dear, bang goes the idea quite literally of getting the exhausts repaired. Thankfully, E-Bay came to our rescue once again. A new system will be winging it's way to us very soon.

So the pictures of what we have been up to. Well it is a case of taking everything off and reconditioning the lot. Let the strippers commence...

Sylvie, Carol, Rosie and Agnes

That was hard work, but it is now off!

Look at what Sylvie spat out!

Exhaust envy

The Stripper has been here!

Starting to look less rusty as the rust falls off!
So taken off so far is the Radiator and fan, exhaust system and the plastics, almost ready to start on the really hard stuff like the centre stand and fork legs. Then we can start painting and putting back together.
I used to love motorbikes, now I have dirty black nails and sore hands, I think it is time I gave this up as a bad joke!

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