Saturday, 7 January 2012

Friendship, those moments when Ouch is accompanied by giggles.

Friend: Noun. A person attached to another through feelings of affection or personal regard.


A real friend is someone who:

a)it's okay to fart in front of.

b)you don't mind talking to on the bus for atleast 20 minutes.

c)can borrow £5 from and never has to pay it back

d)you'll actually call up do stuff.

These are dictionary definitions of the word friend, the second taken from the on line Urban Dictionary, while the first is taken from a more prestigious tome. Yes, friends, those lovely people who we confide in, share gossip and personal stories with and even the occasional foolhardy plan.

Two friends of mine are Susie and Belinda, both kind, gentle, caring and supportive people, the sort of people you want to look after your loved ones when they are in care. These two charming ladies have recently got me into trouble. How you may ask, well because they had the great idea of learning to Roller Skate and they asked me along. I know that I am going to get hurt!

This Skating lark is a doddle!
I have me some new Blades and having never skated before, I felt confident that I would have cracked this sport with in an hour or two. Well, I did feel like that until I put my feet into the bastards and then tried to stand up!
It is simple, just move your feet forwards and backwards, wobble and fall on your arse!
I think that I am going to die, painfully and probably while sliding up the pavement in wheeled shoes! Oh before you ask, yes I am wearing Motorcycle armour and a mountain bike helmet crash helmet there. I don't like broken bones!

A big massive thank you to the wife for her support while I tried out my Skates for the very first time.

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