Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Death Trap Mk III The Movie

Well, you could say that it works, the grin factor alone is worth all of the confused looks I get while riding the thing. So here she is in all of her splendor. Death Trap Mk III.

I owe a huge debt of thanks to the man who welded the frame, Biker Rock Radio's Mr G. Nothing has snapped yet despite crashing it up curbs and through potholes. So if he can weld up something that I can't break, you know that he is good.

If you like the music, then check out the bands who provided it. Both pieces of music just fitted so well with the project.

The first song I believe in Anarchy is by a very good Punk Band called the Tantrums, who we are lucky enough to know a couple of the guys from. You have to love the anarchic spirit of the music, just as you have to love the anarchic way we built this mad machine.

The second piece of music, Fools is by multi-instrumentalist Chris Walker and believe it or not he plays every instrument you hear in the piece. Not only that but he writes the music too. They guy is seriously talented.

The Tantrums

Chris Walker