Saturday, 16 November 2013

How much is a Monkey?

Thursday 14th November

What a busy day, we took the bikes back, went on a quick trip to the Monkey temple and then for a paddle down the river before coming back to the lodge for dinner and then bed. Those words describe our day but in such a way as to remove the sheer beauty and peace of what we did. The river trip was blissful, it was a mix of silence, calm, fun, expedition and adventure and through out the whole trip I was nothing but happy. The young man paddling me was called Bey and he paddled very well with my great fat arse in the canoe. However when we started to take on water I paddled for a little bit which although very naughty (and oh boy did I pay for it!) I enjoyed so much. Carol was in a boat with our dear Min (AKA Mr Lady-boy) and he paddled fantastically well with her in the boat too. She spent the whole time taking photos of wildlife and the fun we had. I simply cannot say enough about this trip with out sounding like a loon, so I shall let Carol's beautiful pictures do the talking for me.

I don't remember eating that!

Nice to see you, to see you nice...
Damn good whiz!

Snigger, you farted...
A beautiful young macaque monkey eating fruit from tourists

Carol and Min
Jayne and Bey
Playing with spiders

A local King Fisher
Jayne tries to and then fails to paddle in a straight line
More spiders
Making Carol a hat
Carol's new hat!
Jayne tries kissing toads and finds that they taste funny!
Please don't make me go swimming?