Sunday, 2 May 2010

Welcome to our dear friends

There are a couple of key people involved in this here blog thing and this would be a great place to introduce them to you all.

Now many of you out there in Internet land may already know Carol, my wonderful life partner and one day wifey. Carol is the drummer with the band Oestrogenix and is working towards to the rock and roll life style, although with out the hotel room wrecking or cocaine binges! Carol has been riding motorcycles since before she was old enough to vote and in time became an instructor to new riders but progressed through the schools until she was training other instructors how to teach. She is a Cardington Assessed Instructor and has also taken her IAM Certificate, which means she really knows how to handle a bike. In terms of bikes Carol has had old British Triumph Chops, a Cossack combi, several Kawasakis, a couple of trikes and recently started riding a Suzuki SV650 with me on the back.

As for me, I am somewhat less known out there in the world wide web. I was always a lover of two wheeled machines, but mainly of the human powered side of things. I am also a climber of some skill and have climbed all around England and Wales and a few bits of Europe too. I qualified as a climbing Instructor a few years ago and then went onto qualify as a Mountain Bike guide too. These days, I ride just for me and have a beautiful Giant mountain bike, but rarely climb anymore. However, just before I met Carol I rather impulsively bought a motorcycle and decided that I was going to learn to ride and pass my test, which sadly took me rather longer than I first anticipated. In case you are wondering what bike it is I bought, well it was a rather pretty Suzuki SV650S, in silver and I named her Sylvie.

Sylvie is more than just a motorbike though, she is our friend and has something of a personality, which yes I do admit sounds a bit mad, but bear with me here. Sylvie is something special, she is first of all a sporty little V-Twin, not one of those nasty chuggy sounding cruisers, but a little 90 degree, growly sounding V-Twin. She likes to be well looked after and if we neglect her, she has her little ways of letting us know. She is also something of a hooligan and Carol has always taken great care not to have her up on the back wheel or front wheel too often, but sometimes Silvie likes to show off and I suspect that Carol enjoys it a little too!

Sylvie is not alone in our garage and squeezed in next to her (and the various bits of junk that we do not have room for in our flat) is Henry, the trusty rusty Honda CG125. Henry is, to put it kindly, a bit of a banger, but being a Honda CG just keeps going and going and going. However every now and again, even he stops, has a quick sulk and then gets going again usually trying to keep up with Sylvie. When he was new, he was a lovely white, but now he is a battered splodged dirty white with the rust showing through in the odd place, but I would not be without him. I took my test on Henry and passed first time because he is just so easy to ride, a lovely little machine with good manners and a gentle heart.

So these are the main players in our story and I am sure that in time it will progress in time. Make sure that you pop back every now and again and see what we are up to. Who knows, we might even figure out how to add a video to the blog and keep you enthralled with that too. Until next time, keep it shiny side up folks.