Friday, 7 May 2010

Weston Bike Night on the Sea Front in glorious errr... over cast skies.

I spent two hours cleaning and waxing Sylvie, I even got out the chrome polish and gave the exhaust a good going over and when I was finished she was shiny, looked as good as new and her paint was silky smooth to the touch. She would gleam in the sun shine, if there were some.

Why did I do this I hear you ask?

"Because you are an bloody idiot Jayne!" is the wrong answer from you at the back!

I did this for the First Weston Bike Night of 2010, a weekly event that is in place to raise Money for the Royal British Legion. All I had to do was wait for Carol to get home from work and get changed into her bike gear, for those of you who know Carol well, you will know that she cannot function unless she has a cup of tea in her hand, white, one and half sugars and not too strong. She knows how she likes her tea and it is almost certainly PG Tips. Anyway, as soon as she was through the door, I pushed her tea into her hand and she went and got changed. I checked Henry's oil level, knowing that he burns oil because he is old, worn and a bit of a banger.

Carol rode Sylvie down and I took Henry, well as a senior Instructor, she has a lot of credibility to uphold and no one cares if I ride a crappy old 125. Well, nearly no one. Just before my part one test, we hired a local Instructor called Matt to train me up in the new test procedures. Matt is a brilliant instructor, working for Motag and with his good natured instruction, I passed first time. Well, when Matt saw me still on the 125, he had a word.

"I trained you up to ride that bike over there (Sylvie), not that crappy 125. You should make Carol ride that one!"

When Matt was a learner rider, his Instructor was a hard nosed local with a lot of years under her belt. Yes, he was Carol's former student and he was now doing her old job. His comments were taken as they were meant and Carol had a good laugh.

So the time passed and more and more bikes turned up, but there was little sign of fellow Orger (a member of the web forum Nemesis, a nice young man who brought his bike over a while ago for us to repair and service. Finally his line of friends pulled in and found a place to park at the far end of the huge amount of bikes parked up. His face was not that of a happy chap, in fact none of the lads looked particularly happy, but then being pulled for speeding is never a happy occasion.

Big commiserations to you guys, but three points and a sixty quid fine is not so bad when one is cruising at those hero speeds. Cue much stamping of feet and groaning. I do believe though, that I heard a muttering of an offer to pay Nemesis's fine by his kind and considerate cousin. Now that was rather thoughtful of him in my opinion and that instantly puts him up to the level of "Jolly decent chap" in the Jayne book of chaps!

After a nice cuppa and a few more chats with various bikers, maniacs and patch club locals we all decided that the cold spring air was about to send us all home to our warm beds and blankets. Henry started again, with out the difficulty experienced earlier that evening and as always Sylvie purred into life. A final wave to Matt and we headed home for a nice bath and a pot of strawberry bio yogurt. Yes folks, I can reveal that while sat in a magma hot bath, there is nothing quite as soothing as sharing a chilled pot of yogurt with a beautiful naked woman.